Now Completed

Now Completed

Project Overview

Rebuilding the Shree Samundra Devi Secondary School destroyed the the earthquake

The rebuild of this school is fully funded by our Earthquake Appeal. Now Completed

Project Details

The Project

The Asha Foundation will be providing classrooms, desks, chairs, bookcases and floor matting.  The classrooms will be made from reinforced concrete and bricks and all building materials will be  transported to the school from Kathmandu.  


Samundra Devi is located 3 hours drive north of Kathmandu in the Nuwakot District.  This district was badly effected by both of the earthquakes - 25th April & 10th May.

The road from Kathmandu to the village is by four wheel drive only as it is steep, windy and extremely rough.  The road does not go all the way to the Samundra Devi school so all building materials will have to be carried from the end of the road to the school.

Access will not be possible during the monsoon period - late June till September.

Project Update

The classrooms were initially going to be constructed from UPVC material, but the school principal and committee decided to wait for Government approval of reinforced concrete and brick construction which was a very lengthy process.

The Asha Foundation has provided matting for the students to sit on as most of the desks and chairs were destroyed.  This matting was transported up from Kathmandu shortly after the 2nd earthquake by 4WD as far as the road would go and then carried up the steep hill to the school.  

Asha has also provided desks, benches, bookshelves and tables and chairs for the teachers. 

The photos below show the timeline from the devastation of  the school, through to the new classrooms.