Rebuilding Radha Kirshna School

Rebuilding Radha Kirshna School

Project Overview

Rebuilding Radha Krishna School destroyed by the earthquake

Rebuild was fully funded by our Earthquake Appeal. NOW COMPLETED

Project Details

The Project

This will be a joint funding project with Motherland Nepal based in Belgium, SSF France and The Asha Foundation.  Asha will be providing the majority of the funding required to rebuild this school which was red carded by the Nepal Government.  The classrooms were demolished and temporary classroom were made from bamboo..


The Radha Krishna School is located in the Kavre District which is to the east of Kathmandu. 

The village and school are situated on a hilltop 1km above the village of Kuntabesi. In 2014 The Asha Foundation completed a joint Rotary project at the Shree Kalidevi Primary School at Kuntabesi.  The Radha Krishna School is accessed by a newly built dirt road which is extremely narrow and windy.  The village and school are not accessible during the monsoon.

Project Update

A meeting with the school committee, Dharmik Nepal & Asha Foundation committee members took place mid February 2016 to discuss funding and the overall project objectives.  The total cost of the rebuild will be in excess of A$35,000.

In addition to constructing a new school which will house kindergarten to Year 10 students, an underground concrete water tank will provide water to the school via guttering.  Water havesting in rural Nepal is not common due to the cost involved, so we are extremely proud to be able to provide funding for this vital infrastructure that will address hygiene and sanitation as well as drinkable water.

The main part of the school is now complete, internal painting yet to be completed but it will only be a matter of weeks before the students are finally in their new classrooms

The photos below show a timeline of events and construction.