New classrooms completed

New classrooms completed

Project Overview

Rebuilding Shree Bachala Primary School destroyed by earthquake

The rebuild of this school is fully funded by our Earthquake Appeal. Now Completed

Project Details

The Project

The Asha Foundation's Good Oil Project at Shree Bachala Primary School, Bhadratar village began in 2011. The school located 4 hours north of Kathmandu was badly damaged and eventually demolished by the Nepalese Army within weeks of the earthquake. 

Asha will be providing 5 prefabricated classrooms made from UPVC material which are flexible and will sway with ground movement, rating them earthquake resistant.  In addition to the classrooms, Asha will also be funding new toilets and direct access to water, this will address sanitation and hygiene issues.  



The Shree Bachala Primary School is located at Bhadratar, 60kms (4 hours) north of Kathmandu.  The road is rough, potholed and does not go all the way to the school.



Project Update

The prefabricated classrooms have finally been transported to the school after months of  fuel shortages making it impossible for the trucks to travel to the village from Kathmandu.  The base for the classrooms was constructed with help from the villagers and tradesmen from Kathmandu erected the framework, walls and roof  with assistance from villagers - fantastic teamwork.

The new classrooms and toilet block were completed early in February and officially opened by The Asha Foundation President on the 19th February this year.  The total cost of the project including transport cost from Kathmandu of all building material was just under A$25,000.

The photos below are a timeline since the earthquake showing the damage, demolishing of the classrooms, the villagers clearing the landslide debris from the road, the students in their makeshift classrooms, the near completed classrooms and toilet block and finally the official opening.  

A huge thank you to all our Asha supported for making this rebuilding project possible.