Kuntabesi Project 2010

Kuntabesi Project 2010

Helping improve the lives and education
of 12 disabled children

Project Overview

This Project which was fully funded by The Body Shop Foundation helped improve the educational and living conditions of 12 disabled children

This Project has been fully funded by The Body Shop Foundation

Project Details

The Project

In 2009 The Asha Foundation received a grant from The Body Shop Foundation of £1,000 to be used at the Disabled Children’s Centre in the village of Kuntabesi, about 2.5 hours east of Kathmandu.

We had been supporting the Disabled Children’s Centre with a small amount of funds each month, but now this grant gave us an opportunity to improve the living conditions of the children who stay at the centre during school term. We also provided every child with access to doctors specialising in intellectual and physical disabilities.

The project commenced late in 2009 and was completed mid 2010.


The Children's Disabled Centre is located in the village of Kuntabesi 2.5 hours east of Kathmandu.




Project Results

This was our first project outside of Kathmandu and with funds granted to us by a well known NGO. With the funds from The Body Shop Foundation we were able to provide asset materials that would be helpful in improving the living conditions of the home and children, these included:

  • Wheelchair for Manisha a young spina bifida sufferer.
  • Pressure Cooker - 12 litre to help cook food for the group.
  • CD Radio to provide entertainment.
  • Strong wind up torches (2) as power blackouts are common.
  • Tin boxes to store children’s belongings (clothes) which were on the floor.
  • Bunk beds and linen to free space in the single crowded sleeping room. There were 3-4 people to one bed.
  • Gas stove & one cylinder - all cooking was using wood which is a scarce resource and in the rainy season difficult to manage.
  • Clothing for the children.
  • Educational material identified by our advisor.

We have had much success with this project with sustainable changes been made in the lives of the children.

Manisha for instance was identified as having a strong intellect yet was not receiving the education she was capable of undertakings. Significantly the life of Manisha has been transformed, she could not move without help, now she has a wheelchair. She is intelligent, but she was housed with other children with intellectual disabilities rather than physical and she had little prospect of a meaningful future. Thanks to this project, we became aware of her plight and we arranged for her to be schooled in Kathmandu at a specialized school. Manisha’s life truly has been transformed.

There has been great improvement is the condition of the other disabled children. Initially there were no educational material, now we have provided them with educational materials that will help develop their minds. Previously there was no enough space in the bedroom and available beds were also not sufficient for all the children. After providing two bunk beds, the room looks spacious and there are enough beds. There were no sporting items. After providing sporting items like football, skipping rope, vestibular ball and others, it has helped in the physical movement and development of the children to some extent. Most importantly, the children are happy. The staff are also happy because of the changed environment and the teacher has more time for teaching and helping the children develop so that they may be able to adjust back into their home.

Further improvements to the Disabled School would occur in 2011. View the Kuntabesi Stage 2 Project.