Good Oil Project

Good Oil Project

Educating children in rural Nepal

Project Overview

The Good Oil Project is helping very poor rural children attend school with our emphasis on educating girls

Project is now fully funded by our Project Partner - Home Loan Experts

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Project Details

The Project

This project is very unique as we provide cooking oil to families whose children attend school.  Cooking oil is an essential item in the Nepali home and by providing a few litres each month we are helping to eleviate the household cost of oil thus enabling the parents to purchase school uniforms and books. This way the parent is involved in the education of their child.  

Each girl receives 1 litre per month and a boy 1/2 litre and all children within the family must attend school and have an attendance rate of 80%.  

In addition to the families receiving cooking oil, we also provide the children with additional exercise books and pens each month.

How The Project Works

Good Oil Project

The Location

Bhadratar village is remote and located 4 hours north of Kathmandu. It is not receiving assistance from any other organisation.