Providing female hygiene kits

Providing female hygiene kits

Project Overview

Providing reusable sanitary pads to girls and women in rural Nepal

$10.00 will buy one kit which will last up to 3 years

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Project Details

The Project

The aim of this project is to address the problem of menstrating student absenteeism at the Shree Bachhala School in the village of Bhadratar.  In rural Nepal teenage girls have  no access to sanitary pads due to the cost involved.  Asha approached Days 4 Girls Australia a volunteer organisation who makes reusable sanitary kits and in February 2016, 160 kits were delivered to the village by Asha Foundation committee members.  In addition to kits been distributed to female students, they were also handed out to some of the women in the village.  Due to the wonderful acceptance of these pads it was decided to find someone in Kathmandu who could make them and a further 200 kits were purchased through donor funds.  

In early June 2017 a further 200 pads were delivered to womens groups in the Bhadratar area.  Not only were pads handed out but the women were taught about personal hygeine.

In October 2018 100 kits were delivered by President Pauline to the medical outpost next to Raddha Krishna School, these kits will be handed out by a nurse to the female students and will explain to the girls about mentruation and personal hygiene.

The gallery below is a timeline of the distribution of the sanitary kits.



The location for this pilot project will be in the Nuwakot District north of the capital Kathmandu.  Asha has been working in this area since 2011 at the village of Bhadratar and now surrounding villages will benefit from this sanitary kit project. In 2018 the project was extended to the Radha Krishna School in the Kavre District 2.5 hours east of Kathmandu.